New Wind-Tunnel

New Wind-Tunnel

26, Jun Simtec Buergel AG

Our new open-jet wind-tunnel at Simtec finally progresses. As usual it is much more work behind such an ambitious project than anticipated. Compared to our current two wind-tunnels this third tunnel has a much larger test section that allows to calibrate even larger, fully assembled smart probes.

The power electronics is already fully working. A large inverter from Mitsubishi drives the 22kW engine. The electric power design has been carefully crafted to minimize magnetic interference by adding EMC filters, shielded power cable and other measures. The wind-tunnel features comprehensive flow straighteners and a circular contraction nozzle to guaranty an uniform flow of air at very low turbulence.

Following some key numbers:

Description Value
Engine: 400V, 22kW
Max. Speed at Nozzle: 70m/s
Type: Open-Jet
Length: approx. 6.4m
Nozzle Output Diameter: Ø250mm
AoA and AoS Range: ±45°

WK-1 WK-2

WK-3 WK-4

WK-5 WK-6

At the time we assemble the measurement equipment for the air data probes. The equipment features strong stepper motors and very accurate absolute rotary encoders. The equipment will allow us to perform fully automatic calibrations of probes over a wide range of angle of attacks (AoA) and angle of side-slips (AoS) at very high accuracy.

The wind-tunnel has a very modular design. The contraction nozzle and measurements equipment can be easily replaced.

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