USB-RS485 Converter Cables

USB-RS485 Converter Cables

19, Jun Simtec Buergel AG

We usually use USB-RS485 (or USB-RS232) converter cables from FTDI Chip to test our air data computers with software on a personal or mobile computer.

The default options of the virtual COM driver on the Windows operating system are not optimal however. To get a smooth flow of data we prefer to set bytes received and bytes sent to 64 and waiting time to 1ms as shown in the below screenshots:

  1. Plug in the USB converter cable
  2. Start the hardware manager
  3. Select the approriate serial port
  4. Right click and select properties
  5. On the connection properties tab select “Advanced”
  6. Set the values of bytes received and sent and waiting time as shown in the below screenshot

Windows 7 Hardware Manager Windows 7 Driver Settings

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