Pitot-Static System PSS-8 for small UAVs.

The purpose of a pitot-static system is to provide a flying vehicle with valuable information about the vehicle’s speed, the altitude and temperature of the ambient air.

Many propeller aircraft and UAVs fly slower than jet aircraft and require special pressure and temperature sensors and adapted electronics to account for the much lower impact pressure.

Smaller aircraft are more susceptible to wind gusts and wake turbulences, a fast system response is very important. Simtec Buergel AG has developed a fully self-contained pitot-static system. The system can be installed on most test aircraft, operational aircraft or UAVs. Measured data is sent to an embedded or portable computer in the cockpit or to the flight control computer (FCC) of an UAV for real-time evaluation or post processing.

PSS-8 Pitot-Static Tube

Pitot-Static System PSS-8™ has the following key features:

  • Measures and outputs static pressure, impact pressure and temperature
  • Outputs fully calibrated air data at 100Hz
  • Small, light and durable
  • High-Precision
  • Affordable