Heated Air Data Boom (ADP-5.5/RTMC-5.5) Downloads

As of version 2.0 the software is based on the new JavaFX UI library. The latest Java-8 runtime is required. 32bit and 64bit serial drivers are included and selected automatically. Version V2.2 includes a CANaerospace application (can.exe) that can be used with a CANUSB converter cable from LAWICEL AB, Sweden.

Version 3.0 is required for the latest ADP-5.5 with aviation grade static sensor. Use the "Save to Flash" button to save the configuration data to the flash. Version 3.1 adds the new duty-rate limiter to limit the maximum duty-rate (PWM) of the heater controller to a value between 0 to 100% (valid values are 0..1). This feature works for RTMC firmware version above V2.5.0.