ADP-5.5 Smart Air Data Boom

The ADP-5.5 of Simtec is a highly integrated, smart air data boom with an integrated and regulated heating and drainage system. The system provides a full set of calibrated and aerodynamically corrected air data in a single probe at rates of up to 100Hz over an RS-485 interface. ARINC-429 and CANaerospace data interface modules are available as well.

The purpose of this air data system is to provide a flying vehicle with valuable information about the vehicle’s speed, its angle of attack and side-slip, the static pressure and temperature of the ambient air. Derived parameters like pressure altitude, true airspeed, Mach number and static temperature are computed as well.

Many propeller aircraft and UAVs fly slower than jet aircraft and require special pressure and temperature sensors and adapted electronics to account for the much lower impact pressure and the high dynamics of the vehicle. The system has a very low transport delay. Furthermore the ADP‑5.5 has a TAT sensor that is optimized to work even at very low airspeed.

ADP-5.5 Probe ADP-5.5 RTMC

  • Self-contained multi-hole air data boom
  • Measures static pressure, impact pressure, angle of attack, angle of side-slip and total temperature in a single device
  • Outputs fully calibrated and aerodynamically corrected air data at up to 100Hz
  • Made of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum
  • Best solution for UAVs, RPAs and other flight vehicles
  • Integrated and regulated heater
  • Drainage system
  • Less parts compared to a conventional system
  • Low transport time and high accuracy
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Designed and tested in the wind-tunnel
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