Flight Test Boom FTB-1

The Flight Test Boom FTB-1 is a small and light air data boom designed to be used on UAVs and drones. The boom features the PSS-8 pitot-static probe, an AoA vane (angle of attack) and an AoS vane (angle of side-slip). The vanes have a large angular travel of more than ±140°. An additional fast and precise OAT-sensor allows to compute true airspeed and other flight parameters.

FTB-1 Flight Test Boom

The FTB-1 air data boom can be used with the extended PSS-8X ADC air data computer. The PSS‑8X ADC is based on the well known PSS-8 ADC but enhanced with two inputs for the vanes. The extended ADC outputs additional AoA and AoS data labels over the RS-485 data interface. The data labels are calibrated and aerodynamically corrected for zero-point and non-linearity.

Key Features FTB-1

  • Small and light (0.200kg)
  • Made from carbon fiber and aviation grade aluminum
  • Range of AoA and AoS vanes ±140°
  • Calibrated and tested in the wind-tunnel
  • Potentiometers work from -55°C up to +105°C

Key Features PSS-8X ADC

  • Based on well known PSS-8 ADC
  • Two additional inputs for AoA and AoS vanes
  • Calibration and correction data stored in non volatile memory
  • Calibrated data AoA and AoS data labels over RS-485 data interface
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