Small Air Data Computer Board PSS-8M for OEM Integration

The PSS-8M is a small and very accurate air data computer for OEM integration. It provides pitot-static pressure and temperature measurement in a single device. The PSS-8M is based on the well known PSS-8. Pitot-Static System PSS-8M has the following key features:

  • Measures static pressure, impact pressure and temperature
  • Outputs fully calibrated air data at 100Hz
  • Small, light and durable
  • High accuracy
  • Affordable

PSS-8M Air Data Computer

  • Power Supply: 28VDC 9..32VDC), about 28mA at 28VD
  • Data Interface: RS-485 half-duplex) at 230'400 bps or lower
  • Data Labels: PS, QC, OAT, HP, CAS, TAS, Mach, C/R, etc.
  • Connector: Harwin High-Reliability M80-8510642
  • Data Rate: 100Hz
  • Static Pressure: 238hPa ... 1080hPa, -1'800 ft .. 35'000 ft, up to 70'000ft on request for MALE and HAPS
  • Dynamic Pressure: 200KCAS, 300KCAS or according to max. airspeed requirement or customer
  • Temperature (OAT): -60°C .. +70°C
  • Pressure Accuracy: 0.1%FS (-45°C .. +60°C)
  • Mass (approx.): 0.040kg ADC board, 0.005kg OAT

The airspeed sensors and related electronics is adapted to the fight envelop of the fight vehicle for best accuracy. The accuracy is guaranteed up to the temperature limits of -45° to +60°C. The PSS- 8M ADC OEM board has to be integrated into an avionics box by the UAV designer.

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