The ADP-5.5 of Simtec is a highly integrated, smart air data boom with an integrated and regulated heating and drainage system. The system provides a full set of calibrated and aerodynamically corrected air data in a single probe. RS-485, ARINC-429 and CANaerospace data interface modules are available.

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The PSS-8 is a a fully self-contained pitot-static system that measures dynamic pressure, static pressure and outside air temperature. The system is small, light and durable. Data labels are provided on a RS-485 data interface.

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HPS-1 of Simtec is a lightweight pitot-static probe with an integrated and regulated heating and drainage system that prevents aggregation of ice and moisture. The HPS-1 can replace the the standard pitot-tube of the PSS-8.

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The Smart Miniature Vane SMV-1 is a fully integrated wind-vane probe to measure angle of attack (AoA), angle of side-slip (AoS) and other airflow angles. The SMV-1 is the optimal solution if precise airflow information is needed on unmanned aircraft (UAV), remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) and other flight vehicles. The probe provides calibrated absolute angular data on the RS-485 data interface.

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Pitot-Static Tube

The PSS-8 pitot-static mount provides static and total pressure in a single probe. The system is optimized for smaller UAV applications. It is light, rigid and durable.

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FTB-1 a small and very light classic air data boom with AoA and AoS wind-vanes. The FTB-1 can be used together with the PSS-8X air data computer.

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FTB-2 is an air data boom under development for large aircraft. The boom will feature AoA and AoS wind-vanes. FTB-2 vane assemblies will be available shortly.

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ADS-12, ADC-14

A new line of air data computer and smart air data system is on the way - qualified to DO-178C and DO-160G.

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Bespoke Solutions

Simtec develops and manufactures high-quality and fully self-contained, heated and unheated multi-hole air data systems, pitot-static probes and flow vanes. The products sense static and dynamic pressure, angle of attack, angle of side-slip and air temperature. Simtec's products are all Swiss Made. Simtec operates its own wind-tunnels and calibration laboratories.

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