Simtec AG

Simtec is an avionics and air data sensor company that develops and manufactures high-quality and fully self-contained, heated and unheated multi-hole air data systems, air data computers, air data units, air data sensors, pitot-static probes and flow vanes. The products sense static and dynamic pressure, angle of attack, angle of side-slip and air temperature. Simtec's products are all Swiss Made. Simtec operates its own wind-tunnels and calibration laboratories. Swiss Air Data Systems are used on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), high altitude pseudo satellites (HASP), remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), drones, aircraft, helicopters and for flight testing.

Simtec has a broad customer base that covers small start-up companies up to the largest aerospace companies all over the world. Simtec AG is a small, family owned company duly organized and existing under the laws of Switzerland, registered in the Commercial Register of Basel-Landschaft, under company number CHE-110.048.055, having its registered office located at Gewerbestrasse 7 in 4147 Aesch, and with VAT number CHE-110.048.055 MWST. The company has been founded in 2003.

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